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Singularity Black LT

250ml Can

Singularity LT is the blackest black paint you can buy, at >99% of all visible light. It must be airbrushed onto metals, canvas and many textiles, polymers, and wood. Once dry, it is rapidly cured at 100C (212F), with a  heat gun.   A 20ml bottle will cover a 1.5"x1.5"area.

Use and safety


Customers should consult with NanoLab personnel before working with Singularity Black LT to learn best airbrushing practices and safe handling. A respirator with a NIOSH rating of P95 and approved for solvent vapors is mandatory, and will prevent the inhalation of particulate and vapor exposure when spraying Singularity Black LT.



Pricing does not include ground hazmat shipping to the continental United States. Contact us for international orders. Due to the special packaging required to ship flammable liquids, we do not accept returns of Singularity Black LT.

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